2. Food from my garden

This design is from 2014. It looked to re-design the food growing areas of my garden and aimed to produce something that I could harvest everyday from May till october. I wanted to make my garden functional, attractive and manageable.  I used Observe-think-design-do, Aranya’s book and OBREDIMET.




Beginning the process

Design process part 2

Design process part 3

Design process part 4

Design process part 5




Food from my garden – April

Food from my garden-May

Food from my garden- June 

2014 garden month by month

2015 garden month by month

Design summary and reflections

DESIGN Food from my garden




This design aimed to focus on creating food production areas in my garden in order to produce something that I could harvest at home and eat everyday from May to October. I wanted to make my garden design more functional and to focus my attention onto growing edibles.
WHAT DID I LEARN ABOUT PERMACULUTRE FROM DOING THIS DESIGN? This was my second land-based design and it gave me an opportunity to hone the skills I’d learnt on my PDC. I learnt the importance of observations and of accepting feedback and making suitable changes. I learn to slow down and take stock before rushing ahead, both with the design process and in more practical terms.
WHAT DID I LEARN ABOUT MYSELF FROM DOING THIS DESIGN? I learnt what a homebody I really am and that nothing makes me happier than spending quiet time in my garden. I’ve begun to slow down my life, especially at weekends to allow time for just relaxing at home. I’ve learnt that I like a challenge and that I respond well to challenges that require me to produce visual documentation.
HOW HAS THIS DESIGN HELPED ME? ·      This design helped me to become a better gardener. It taught me what grows well and was doesn’t in my garden.

·      It helped me to focus on eating fresh organic and home-grown fruit and vegetables.

·      It helped me with my design skills

·      I’ve learn that perennials are better than annuals for my garden and my busy lifestyle and I now focus on introducing long-term plants and fruit trees into my garden rather than focussing on annuals.

WHAT WENT WELL WITH THIS DESIGN? ·      I loved doing the fixed-point photography of my garden.

·      I enjoyed the focus that the challenge gave me and that I was required to spend time in my garden every single day.

WHAT DID I FIND DIFFICULT WITH THIS DESIGN? I initially found it hard to take this project slowly and honour the design process. I have a tendency to rush ahead, so observing, evaluating and considering my options before springing into action was a challenge for me. I also found it hard to remember to refer to my plans before taking action on the garden.


·      To keep on adding perennial plants

·      To give each of my 3 children a patch of their own and help them to maintain it

·      To keep on accepting feedback from my garden and from the activity levels in my life.

·      To make sure that the time spent in the garden continues to be a joy rather than becoming another job on my to-do list.

WHAT ARE MY LONG TERM GOALS AND VISIONS FOR THIS DESIGN? I hope to keep on enjoying and improving my garden over the years. We’ve committed to staying in our house for the foreseeable future and I’m enjoying seeing the trees grow and the garden improve year on year. Next year I will probably slightly reduce the number of food growing areas or fill up the annual beds with perennials. My life is so busy that growing my own fruit and veg is starting to fall to the bottom of my list. However, I feel so much better when I eat lots of organic fruit and veg, so we have a weekly veg box delivery that I plan to stick with for the long term to supplement what I can grow myself.