Apple day

All week we had been hearing the occasional sudden thud as apples came crashing down onto the shed roof. It must be apple harvesting time again.

 spilt applesEarly on a sunny Saturday morning, we gathered ladders, bags, apple press, willing helpers and got to work. The tree has done well and produced a good crop of apples. I think it is a Discovery variety, a good-sized apple, red and yellow skin, sweet tasting with a pinkish flesh. We plan to use most of them to make juice and cider, as well freezing apple puree and trying out dried apple rings. My daughters are champion apple eaters, so they will definitely be eating as many fresh apples as possible over the next few weeks too.

pressingpress in action

It seems relevant somehow to start my blog with an apple tree, some people believe everything started with an apple. But this is just a happy coincidence. Rather than deliberating over how and when to begin this blog, I thought I should just start today and this is truly what I spent my day doing. So an auspicious start I hope!

drinkingI am embarking on a Permaculture Diploma and intend this blog to be the record of my work. I completed the PDC in 2012 and since then have tried to weave Permaculture ideas and principles into my everyday life as much as possible.

Finding this term ‘Permaculture’ and the amazing tribe of people actively working within it, was a revelation for us. It was a really exciting moment to find something that pulled together lots of ideas we has vaguely been discussing for years. There is so much more to learn and I am excited to be making a start.

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