A cabin in the woods

cabin 2We have been borrowing a friend’s cabin in the woods close to where we live, for a number of years now. These cabins are tiny homes with basic facilities, glorified sheds really, but we love them so much. They do not have their own running water or toilet facilities but these are communal and located a short walk away from the cabin. The cabins are usually pretty old, wooden and widely vary in condition from total disrepair to well-loved and beautifully maintained. Owner’s can build onto their cabins with permission from the land owner. You pay for the cabin and then an additional ground rent each year. We have always admired these cabins and had long discussions and day-dreams about one day owning one ourselves. We have loved visiting for short breaks.  We always take a walk around to look at the abandoned cabins and talk endlessly about what we would do if we owned one.

This summer (2013) we spent ten days at the woods during a heat wave, it was wonderful. The kids loved the freedom, the swings in the woods and the squirrels on the doorstep. We loved the immediate access to nature, the lack of contact with the outside world and the peace and quiet. We found a lovely old cabin up for sale and began pondering. Anyway, cutting a long story short, it proved to be too much of a financial commitment for us. However, on talking it over with our friends, it transpired that they were looking for someone to share their cabin as they were not making full use of it. This would involve paying half the ground rent and taking on various maintenance and improvement jobs. We jumped at the chance!

cabin 4 cabin 5

cabin 6

cabin 7 cabin 3

I thought that the revamp of the cabin would be an ideal Permaculture design project for me to use towards my Diploma. Having spent lots of time up at the cabin, I have done a far bit of ‘Observe and interact’ already. Usually in the form of daydreaming with cup of tea in hand and child on knee. Following soon will be some of my initial thoughts, structured using Permaculture design tools.

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