calendula in gardenMy baby boy had trouble with his skin this summer. In the hot and sticky days he got a heat rash that made him itchy and miserable. My good friend Andrea is a Naturopath working in New Zealand and she recommended I try Calendula cream on him. It worked amazingly well and as a natural product, it gets a big tick in my book.

I have been growing Calendula in my garden for a number of years now, I tend to let it self seed in the vegetable beds as I think its such a pretty and cheerful looking flower. I do love a flash of orange in the early autumn days. So I thought I would have a try at making my own products with Calendula and if it works well, I will grow more of it next year for use on the kids and myself.

calendulaI picked lots of flowers on a hot, dry morning and laid them out to dry in a warm place out of direct sunlight. So far the flowers have been drying for a week and I feel they need longer to lose all their moisture. Damp flowers make for potentially mouldy oils, yuk. Soon I will put my flowers into a kilner jar, cover them with olive oil or coconut oil. This then needs to sit in a warm sunny spot for about a month for the properties of the flowers to infuse into the oil. The flowers then get strained out by passing the oil through a muslin. The oil is then ready to use. Calendula is a beautiful and useful plant that definitely earns a place in my garden.

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