My garden in September 2013



Apples and more apples, plums, runner beans, tomatoes, courgettes, lots of bright red tiny chilis, lettuces, herbs, beautiful cut flowers, 3 eggs a day (from 10 chickens, 6 in lay)


Spicy lettuce mix


Planting some garlic. I usually do this in January but never have very good results, so perhaps an earlier start would work better for me.

Cutting paths in the meadow (actually a rather scruffy ‘wilderness’ area at the back of my plot) As every time I venture down there, I get stung by nasty nettles.

Tidying up in the greenhouse, it is acting as a dumping area at the moment, as the photo shows! I would like to get sorted out before the end of the month.


Feeling chilly in the early mornings and evenings now. I have started putting on socks and trainers or boots rather than spending everyday in my old-faithful sandals. Some days are still very hot though.

We lit the log burner for the first time this season yesterday, it was so cosy and warmed us up a treat. I need to get a fire guard as S was rather interested and will soon be mobile.

I have packed away the kids sun hats and suntan cream. Blankets on beds now and cosytoes onto the pushchair again. Only a few weeks ago we were sleeping uncovered, September is such a month of changes.

garden sept2garden sept3



Monday 16th Sept 2013

Sunny, windy and cloudy

Max temp 12 min 8

Sunrise 06.40  Sunset 19.18

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