I visited the Botanical Gardens near to where I live recently. There was a sculpture exhibition on. My background is in the arts, so I was interested to see it. Some of it was good, but what really caught my eye was the number of bees buzzing around. Almost every flower I looked at had a bee on it.

I have been reading a book by Steve Benbow called “The urban beekeeper’ It is a very interesting read and quite inspiring, although beekeeping does sound like a rather involved and time-consuming hobby. My husband would love a bee hive in our garden. His mother had one when he was a teenager.

We were lucky enough to briefly have bees living in a birdbox in our neighbour’s garden this summer. We watched them flying over the fence all day long. They have moved out now but they fulled our interest in these vital and amazing creatures. Maybe next year we will take the plunge and get a hive of our own.

IMG_6294IMG_6296IMG_6292 IMG_6291 IMG_6290

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