‘What’s for dinner mum?’

The kids always come home from school starving hungry. They love to help me in the garden and the kitchen, but it is not always that helpful. I need to be in the mood to deal with the mess, the arguments about who does what and the general slowing-down that comes with children. I do try my best as I think it is really important that they understand where their food comes from and the effort that goes into producing good ingredients and wholesome seasonal foods for us to eat as a family.

Yesterday I sent them off down the garden to pick blackberries. They came back with a bowl full of shiny black fruits and purple stained faces and hands.  We picked a few Bramley apples too and made a crumble for tea. This is always a popular choice, especially when served with lots of hot custard. It feels really good to be able to provide for my family in this way, I wish i could do it more. My garden is developing well year on year so I hope to be able to pick and eat more from the garden with each season that passes.

The crumble was delicious, we topped it with a granola mix containing lots of nuts and seeds, even little S loved it. He is seven months old and just starting out on solid foods. I think he will be a good eater. Next autumn I expect he will be tottering down the garden too, to graze on the tomatoes and berries, just like his sisters do.

IMG_6514  IMG_6516IMG_6522

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