Off to Market

The kids had an unexpected free day yesterday, so we were able to do one of our favourite Tuesday activities and visit the livestock market! It is the poultry that we are especially interested in. We have ten chicken at home and are always dreaming of more. I particularly had my eye on some Silver-laced Wyandottes (first picture below) These are really striking looking birds. There were a few for sale, but one bunch looked rather old and the others had a cockerel with them. He was a hansom chap, but we can’t really have early morning cock-a-dooing in our suburban garden unfortunately. So we left empty-handed on this occasion, but we will be back.


In the car, my eldest daughter told me in great detail about the farm that she will one day own and the wide variety of animals she will look after there. It sounded like a lovely place and she assured me of a place to live on the farm too, as long as she was the chief farmer. Sounds good to me! We have always wanted our own small-holding. I spend lots of time browsing websites for details of places for sale and wondering if one day it may just be possible. I do feel that studying Permaculture takes us one step closer to achieving that dream. It makes me consider the practicalities, especially how to make it work financially. Maybe that would be an interesting Diploma project, using the (tiny amount) of funds we could make available to buy somewhere and how we would split the workload of kids/ jobs/ farming to make it work?

IMG_6525 IMG_6568

The kids liked looking at the cows and braving a peep over the stall at the huge fierce bull. They especially liked the calves sucking their mothers. I hope they were sold as one lot and we were not witnessing the final moments of mother and daughter together. I liked the birds the best, there is always a varied selection at the market, we saw quails, geese, pigeons, ducklings, every type of chicken and bantam and even a peahen!

IMG_6549 IMG_6554 IMG_6537 IMG_6557


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