Accept feedback


The chickens have dug up all my onion seedlings for the second time. I hate planting out onions, it is fiddly and time-consuming. Then the blumming chucks escaped from their run and happily dug over the bed, sending seedlings flying and ruining all my hard work.

Rather than shout, stamp around and curse over having to replant the onions, I have decided to ‘Accept feedback’ and ‘be open to modify dysfunctional behaviour’

Planing onions just outside the chicken run is obviously not my best ever idea. If the chicken do escape, this is the first thing they see and they hang out here going wild with delight at their temporary freedom. I will learn not to plant anything tempting here and actually, why do I bother to plant onions anyway? They never grow very big, taste exactly the same as shop brought ones and are cheap as chips to buy. I will concentrate my efforts elsewhere!

Permaculture lesson for the day learnt!


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