Use edges and Mark Rothko

We took a walk in the park yesterday. The leaves were blowing around madly in advance of the storm we have been promised tonight. I was interested to notice where the leaves had accumulated. Lots of ‘edges’ were adorned with masses of leaves. These areas were where one material or structure transitioned to another such as lawn to flower bed, path to wall or tree base to bare bed.

I liked the appearance of these areas and took a few photos. The different linear sections reminded me of a more earthy version of Mark Rothko’s paintings. I want to take more photos like this. This is a perfect little project for me as two of my great passions are photography and gardening and my background is in fine art. Not that I have much time to think about art these days! My creative outlet is my garden and my home-making.


Photographing the edges in the park also led me to consider the added fertility that this leaf litter would be leaving on these ‘edges’ and how we, as gardeners can turn this to our advantage. The more edge we can create, the better. Especially edge with capture capacity, that the way forward!

I have recently been removing some of my summer plants to make way for winter crops. I decided to leave the plants that have volunteered along the edges of the bed. Violets, alpine strawberries, forget-me-nots and what I think is borage have self seeded into the edges. I think they will look beautiful and be beneficial. So not only did I avoid the task of weeding these areas, I also got plants for free! This Permaculture thing is ok isn’t it!

IMG_1862 IMG_1863 IMG_1864


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