This week started with me spilling a cup of tea onto my computer keyboard. Despite my desperate attempt to revive it, it appears to have given up the ghost. I have a real aversion to buying things brand new and a new mac keyboard would be around £60! So I have borrowed an iPad while I hunt online for a secondhand keyboard.
Despite this bad start to the week, I have had a productive few days and made a lot of connections that I feel will be useful to me in the futureDSC_0061

Forest school I have been interested in Forest schools for quite a while and have finally found one locally that does a pre-school session on a day that suits us. The kids enjoyed the session and I met some like-minded mums. I think we will make it a regular thing, especially now that my outdoor play group, Muddy Boots, has come to an end for the winter season

The Woodcraft Folk -A new colleague of my husband is setting up a Woodcraft Folk group for 3 -10 year olds. We had a bad experience with the Beavers (a story for another time) so we thought we would try out the Woodcraft Folk. I like their ethos and the group were very welcoming. They are having a firework party next week that we are looking forward to attending. Eldest daughter in particular loved the session and it will be fun having something that we can all attend together. It is just slightly too far away from our house and slightly too late for the kids to be ideal, but we will see how it goes.
The Primary school garden – I spent a fun afternoon volunteering at my daughter’s school garden helping to build a poly tunnel. we used to have a poly tunnel in our garden that we had made ourselves out of scaffolding poles, water pipes and wood. that was significantly easier to put together than the flat packed logistical nightmare that the school had ordered! I have volunteered to help out once a week with the gardening club next spring, eldest daughter is very excited about that and actually, so am I! <
Returning to work– before I had baby boy, I did some work for a local secondary school, teaching traditional photography and darkroom skills to teenagers. I have been asked to do a few 2 day workshops over the coming months, so i am very pleased about that.
Facebook and Permaculture Diploma group – as long-term Facebook avoider. i find the idea of sharing my life with lots of people very odd. I am struggling with this with my blog too and trying to stay at least slightly under the radar. I have set up a Nurture Green Facebook page and have joined the permaculture diploma group, hello everyone! I think this will be a useful source of advice and inspiration. So a very productive week all in all, despite the expensive tea spillage incident

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