I love Bonfire Night. The smell of wood fires, hot soup and jacket potatoes, excited kids with sparklers and the oohh’s and aarrr’s as the rockets are set off. This year we decided to for-go the big organised event and instead met up yesterday in a friends garden with The Woodcraft Folk. We had a blazing fire, hot chocolate, a cheesy sing-song and sparklers.

Last weekend we invited the neighbours over for dinner and a little homespun celebration. We laid out the food in the greenhouse and lit a bonfire at the bottom of our garden. We use an old washing machine drum as a fire pit. It is ideal for this and a great way of re-purposing something which otherwise would be thrown away.

We all sat around on tree stumps eating our tasty autumnal food then had sparklers and a few fireworks. The kids had a great time and enjoyed staying up late and dashing around in the dark. There is something quite primal and powerful about bonfires and fireworks. I find it important to celebrate the heat and light that we get from a fire as we are heading into the dark times of winter. 2013-10-26 19.00.492013-10-26 19.14.06 2013-10-26 19.10.292013-10-26 19.50.41 2013-10-26 19.50.53

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