Photos from this week


Mushrooms in the woods, Alice in Wonderland style. So pretty but so dangerous!


An after school snack of greek yogurt and strawberry puree served with love.


I am grateful to have a husband who likes collecting and chopping wood! We have a big stack ready to warm us through the winter. We have managed not to put on the central heating until November. Our house faces south with a wall of glass on the south side, so a little bit on sunshine helps to heat our house for free with the fabulous solar gain.


Searching for colour in the autumn garden I came across the rainbow chard shining in the afternoon sunshine. I love the way the ribs look like the branches of a tree. A great example of the branching pattern in nature.


Two new chickens joined the flock. They are a breed called Rangers and they have been called Margo and Edith. They are laying us large brown eggs every day. We needed the boost in egg production as most of our birds are either too old, too young or pretty but unproductive breeds. I love them anyway. I put down a layer of bark in their run this week as they had churned up the mud and looked rather sorry for themselves.


Trying to fit everything in before the sun goes down is getting increasingly difficult. We are heading rapidly towards the shortest day. The winter solstice is often a significant day for me, I got engaged on that date and I am pretty sure my eldest was conceived on the winter solstice!  I don’t expect anything of significance will happen this year?


Blue sky and autumn leaves, always a winning combination.


A crown of leaves at Forest school.


Have a good weekend everyone.

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