Our cabin in the woods. Observations using design tool PASTE

This is our cabin, our tiny home-from-home in the woods. We have recently started sharing it with another family and are we are more than a little bit in love with it. It is on a site with maybe 60 other cabins dotted around the border of a wood. It is a 20 minute drive from our house but feels like another world to escape into.


We have used it quite a lot recently. We had a lovely day there at the weekend wandering around the golden woods and admiring the autumn colours. We had four nights there over half term. The little kids and I are going up there once every week for lunch after our Forest school session which is nearby. And my husband and his friends used it for their ‘Man camp’ They meet up every year for a boys weekend of camping, walking, talking and beer drinking. They were due to go further afield and sleep under canvas but the forecast was grim so they opted for real beds, cooking facilities and a wood burner instead of muddy fields and damp tents – a good decision.


We have been visiting the cabin for about five years. We have borrowed it from our friends for the occasional weekend as detailed in my previous post called a cabin in the woods (Sept 2013)

I have started the observation stage of my design for the cabin. I have used PASTE

PASTE (Plants, Animals, Structures, Tools, Events)

PLANTS Native woodland, largely Oak trees, also Beech, Silver Birch, Holly, Bracken, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, Bluebells and Rambling Roses.  Some open grassed areas.

ANIMALS Squirrels, foxes, mice, people, dogs, horses, birds, insects.

STRUCTURES Wooden cabin build largely from recycled materials. No insulation, scavenged windows, some rotten wood. Space for sleeping, eating, cooking, playing, sitting etc. Water tank, gas cooker, wood-burner. Two sheds and a wooden deck with wood storage underneath. Paved paths.

TOOLS Various materials for future building projects, windows, paving slabs, breeze-blocks, wood. Some tools for basic carpentry jobs. No electricity/ mains water or mains gas. My husband, J and the other owners, V and S have good DIY skills and are keen to work on the cabin. Not much money available.

EVENTS We use the cabin for a retreat from our normal lives. We are aiming to come up here for regular weekends away, half term holidays and a longer break during the summer. The aim is to switch off from the busy outside world and relax and enjoy a simpler life. That is sometimes a struggle with three children to contend with. If it was just J and I, we would happily just eat, sleep read and walk but the kids do seem to need more than that! We have found that if we invite friends or family up to the cabin too, the children are happier and more content. The space is small, so that can get rather squashed.

2 thoughts on “Our cabin in the woods. Observations using design tool PASTE

  1. Awww love your little cabin in the woods Em. happy memories of staying there with you and Soren. Such a little Oasis xoxox

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