My garden in November


Harvesting There is not much left to harvest in the garden other than a little bit of salad and of course apples. The later eating apples are ready, we had a few bags, then the storm tumbled the rest of them to the floor. The chickens are enjoying them. The same happened with the eating apples. We have had some but I just don’t have the freezer space to make lots of apple puree like I usually do. I don’t have the time either to be honest.

Planting Daffodil bulbs to line the paths in the spring

Thinking I am struggling to get everything done at the moment. The kids are demanding, I am preparing for doing my first few days work since S was born and I want to get going on my Permaculture diploma too. It all feels a bit too much and I feel over stretched. I think this time of year often feels a little like this. The dark evenings are not my most productive time.

Feeling Tired and ill. The hibernation instinct has set in slightly this week. We all have coughs and colds so are staying close to home and bundled up warm. Feeling worried about my camera. It has broken and looks like it will be too expensive to fix, hence the hipstamatic i phone pictures this week. Feeling pleased that I managed to get my raised beds sorted, one thing to tick off the to-do-list!

IMG_7030IMG_7032IMG_7033IMG_7036IMG_7038 IMG_7049 IMG_7043

Weather stats Tuesday 19th November 2013

Cold and clear sunny day. First real frost was this morning.

Sunrise 07.33    Sunset 16.06

Max temp 5        Min temp -1

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