This week I had an Induction into my Diploma in applied Permaculture design. It took place at my tutor’s house, Hannah Thorogood. She is a senior tutor and a very lovely lady. I met two of my fellow apprentices, Heidi and John. they seemed great too and I will be meeting with them every six weeks or so throughout the process to discuss our designs, our progress and help each other out. We call this a ‘guild’ in Permaculture lingo. IMG_7100Part of Hannah’s garden.

We discussed the structure of the course and looked at ideas for the sort of designs we would like to work on. We have to complete ten designs and document the processes we go through with reference to Permaculture ethics, principles and design tools. I am excited to be making a start and feel like I have a clear view now of what is expected of me.

I am hoping to start four designs during 2014 and complete 1 or 2 of them. Then I’d like to start a further 2 designs each year and aim to complete my diploma in 2017. That seems such a long way off! I don’t want to rush this process as I feel I am going to really enjoy it. Also, fitting in the time to study, design and implement my ideas will be a struggle with three young kids to wrangle too, so I’d rather take my time with the process, enjoy the journey and be able to take advantage of opportunities that may arise along the way.

We were encouraged to start by considering our journey to Permaculture and where we would like it to take us. I came home and drew the mind map below. I have depicted my journey as a river and noted the significant related events that led me to where I am now. I have also added a rough plan of where I’d like to go with the diploma over the next four years or so. I am sure this will change dramatically once I actually start the diploma. Who knows what their life will look like four years down the line? Exciting times ahead!


My Permaculture journey river.

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