My garden in December


HARVESTING – Cooking apples, Holly for decorating the house, the occasional egg (only one per day on average at the winter solstice)

PLANTING – Not planting anything this month

THINKING– About Christmas celebrations. I have been doing lots of preparations for having a simple Christmas day, just myself, hubby and the kids. We are hosting all the extended family on Boxing day, that is going to be great fun but madly busy! The last few weeks have been crazy with school plays, trips, Christmas dinners, carol singing, tree decorations etc. The kids have finished school and pre-school now, so it’s full on family fun time. I am looking forward to seeing the kids open their gifts on Christmas day. Oh and of course I am looking forward to all the festive food, especially Christmas pudding, nut roast, cheese and mulled cider, yum.

FEELING– I always feel tired and run-down at this time of the year. I am glad to reach the winter solstice and start seeing the daylight return little by little each day. In the New year I tend to start feeling refreshed and have renewed energy for my projects. I have decided to take a little break from my Permaculture diploma work over the Christmas season. I was feeling frustrated that i couldn’t fit in my working time, so by mentally making this a ‘break’ time, i feel better about my absence!

The garden is looking a little neglected and very brown this month, but it is a good time to see the structure of the space and see with fresh eyes what works and what needs changing next year. In the new year I plan to draw up a design for the food production zones of my garden. I also want to consider moving the chickens.

DSC_8275 DSC_8278 DSC_8284 DSC_8285 DSC_8286 DSC_8288 DSC_8290DSC_8277


Friday 20th December 2013

Frosty morning, some bright sunshine, windy

Max temp 8  Min temp 7

Sun rise 08.13   Sunset 15.51

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