My garden in January 2014


Harvesting I have moved the pots of herbs onto the covered deck now where they can get the best of the limited sunlight and are a little protected from the cold. We are using lots of rosemary and bay in our winter cooking. We are using the stored wood in our log burner most days. It heats the house well and makes the living room a very cosy place to spend time in.

Planting I planted the Christmas tree out in the garden. One of our chickens had died in the night for no obvious reason. She was only a young bird, very friendly and a good layer, so it was sad to see her go. I buried her under the Christmas tree so that I only had to dig one hole and the goodness from her would help the tree to thrive.

Thinking I am thinking a lot about my Permaculture diploma. I have rediscovered my evenings now that baby S is sleeping better. This gives me time to work and make plans for the year. I am currently thinking lots about the small changes I want to make to the layout of the garden and what I want to grow this year. I have started looking over the seeds that I have saved, writing lists and trying not to be too seduced by the seed catalogues that are dropping through my letterbox.

Feeling I am feeling OK about January! I know it can be a difficult month for lots of people, what with feeling the pinch after xmas over-spending and over-indulgence! I am trying to combat these by eating a vegan diet for at least two days per week and upping my exercise levels. I quite like the challenge and the mindfulness that January brings. Plus it is my birthday at the end of the month so that is something to look forward too. The weather is still unseasonably mild on the whole, no snow yet and only a handful of frosts. We have been spared too much damage in the storms that have caused havoc around the country. We lost two fence panels but that is nothing compared to what others had to deal with.









Weather stats

Sunday 12th January 2014

Frosty morning. Dry and bright all day. Feeling cold.

Max temp 5,  Min temp 3 degrees C

Sunrise 08.11 Sunset 16.15

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