Winter interest in the garden

My garden is looking very brown and boring this month. Not a lot is happening in January. I walk through the garden twice a day to take care of the chickens. The kids run around in the mud and I often drift out there with a cup of tea to get some fresh air and a moment of peace and quiet. So I would like it if there was more to look at. I have been considering ways to add interest to the garden during the winter months. The photos show some of my ideas. They were taken on a visit to a local park.


Use plants with architectural stems that look stark and beautiful against the winter sky


Include plants that flower in the winter


Variegated leaves add colour


Think about contrasting forms and textures


Add splashes of bright colour


Leave seed heads standing


Use plants with coloured stems


Use plants with berries, these are good for wildlife and great to look at


Look for plants with interesting branch forms


Plant winter flowering trees


Get up close and enjoy the tiny details

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