I have reached my 50th post. Wow, that came around quickly!IMG_7514

I thought this would be a good time to say thank you to all you lovely people who have visited and commented on my blog. There is not that many of you but the number is growing all the time, which is reassuring! I am quite a private person so I have found it weird to put my ideas and thoughts out into the wide world. I have however loved the challenge of blogging regularly and I have especially enjoyed the push blogging gives me to keep on moving forward with my Permaculture diploma. It is also great to have a forum in which to show my photographs.

The aim of this blog is to record progress for my Permaculture Diploma and show how the things that I am learning about Permaculture relate to my life. I will be producing ten designs over the next few years and will track my progress here. I also intend to keep on doing a garden update each month and regularly share my photographs.

Finally I wanted to mention a few blogs that have inspired me with their wonderful sustainable lifestyles, beautiful photographs, insite into organic gardening or Permaculture and great writing styles. Many thanks Em xx

Our ash grove



Chris Condello


Beltaine cottage

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