To celebrate my birthday we spent a relaxing weekend with friends by the seaside. The weather was glorious, blue skies and sunshine but freezing cold winds. We spend much of the time snuggled up in the cottage in front of the log fire, chatting, playing and eating. When we did venture out we went to see the wild winter beaches. Norfolk has a special bleak beauty in winter. No crowds, just big skies, seagulls overhead and the peaceful sound of flowing water. Exceptionally high tides were forecast but we didn’t see much evidence of this apart from the odd sandbag outside a fisherman’s cottage, just-in-case.





These photos were taken at midday on February 2nd. Check out the length of shadows!

IMG_0416  IMG_0417

I found that I was very drawn to the patterns left in the sand by the receding tides. I have been noticing patterns in nature more and more. Branching, spirals, ripples and curving lines are everywhere once you begin looking for them.






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