My garden in March

Today is 20th March, the Vernal equinox, first day of spring! I usually post my garden update on or around the full moon, but this month I thought it would be nice to coincide with the equinox. IMG_0923

Harvesting The garden is pretty bare of things to eat still, but the promise of spring crops is keeping me going! There are a few leeks hanging on still as well as my trusty herbs in pots near the house. The wild garlic has just started peeping through this week, so i am looking forward to a first taste of that very soon. The chickens are laying brilliantly, 6 or 7 eggs each day from 10 hens. We are giving away or trading lots of eggs, even our kids can’t eat as many as the chucks are producing! We have a broody hen at the moment, so we are wondering about maybe buying some fertile egg and raising chicks again. That is always fun and a fascinating process for the kids to be involved in.

Planting I have been keeping a record in a diary of what I am planting. So I will start sharing photos of the diary here rather than writing all the details out twice.  IMG_7898 IMG_7900

Thinking I thought at least one of my garden posts during the winter would show a beautiful snowy garden. But here we are on the first day of spring and not a snowflake has fallen. I don’t remember a winter without any snow for a long time. It has been a very mild winter, but oh the rain! So much rain and so much mud in the garden. Things are finally beginning to dry out and we are using the garden a lot more again. I have been busy with my garden design, writing up the process and planning planting for the seasons ahead. I am starting to plant seeds now which is always an exciting time. I find April and May seem to dash away from me with the busy days of spring. Before we know it summer will be just around the corner.

Feeling Looking out of my kitchen window today, I can see four different types of blossom. The flowers make a beautifully clashing show that only lasts a few weeks at most, but I love it. It lifts my spirits every year and gets me excited about the coming year. I am feeling positive about the progress I have been making with my Permaculture diploma. I am feeling pleased that I decided to focus on my home garden for my first design and am looking forward to seeing how productive and sustainable the systems are.








Weather stats Thursday 20th March 2014

Dry and mild day with blustery wind and rain forecast for this afternoon

Max temp 13 Min temp 3

Sunrise 06.08 Sunset 18.17

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