Muddy Boots – Looby’s design web

The design that I am working on at the moment is for ‘Muddy Boots’ an outdoor playgroup based at my local community allotment. My sister and I set up this group two years ago as a way of encouraging pre-school children and their parents to play outdoors and get involved in growing their own food. The group ran quite successfully while my sister was in post at TCV and she had some funded hours to devote to managing the group. Her contract at TCV has now come to an end and rather than lose such a lovely activity and great network of parents, I have decided to take it on as a volunteer.I have secured permission to continue using the allotment site and children’s tools, which is fantastic. I have also been given the paperwork from previous years and contacts for the parents who still wish to be informed about the group’s activities.

My design will be about how to make this group run sustainably and how to engage the parents in helping to manage this process. I have decided to use Looby Macnamara’s Design web as the design process for this project.


The design web is from Looby’s book People and Permaculture I found it to be a great read and very helpful in reflecting on relationships with other people and working with groups. I expect I shall refer to it many times throughout the process of working on this design.

The web can be used in a circular motion or you can dot around as you see fit. As it is my first time using the web, I intend to work around the circle in order in a clockwise motion, Starting with VISION. My next post will look at my vision for Muddy Boots.

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