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In 2012 I did a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) These courses, which are run all over the world, introduce the concepts central to Permaculture. I found the course that I attended ever so inspiring. Courses are run over an intensive two-week residential course or as 12 separate days. My course was on one weekend per month from January till June. This suited me well as it fitted in with family life and gave lots of time for additional study around the sessions.

One of the requirements of the course is that you complete a design and present it to your peers. This process is guided by your tutor and structured around a Permaculture design process. I used OBREDIMET.

The images below show the processes I used and the plan for the final design. I chose to design an education space for the community allotment that I am involved with. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time and created a design that was actually implemented. It was an exciting project and great to see my ideas come to life. This inspired me to go on to further study and consequently the Diploma in applied Permaculture design that I am currently working on.

I have decided to post about this design now, as I am just picking up this design again two years down the line. I hope to implement more elements of the design this spring and summer. The garden of the community allotment is the location in which ‘Muddy Boots’ outdoor playgroup is held. I mentioned this play group in this previous post Muddy Boots The running of this playgroup is the focus of my next Permaculture design for my diploma. I intend to crack on with writing up this design over the next few weeks and months. IMG_1446IMG_1447IMG_1448IMG_1449IMG_1451IMG_1452IMG_1453IMG_1454IMG_1455IMG_1456IMG_1457IMG_1458IMG_1459



7 thoughts on “My PDC design

  1. My hubby and I are half way through our PDC at the moment and very much looking forward to working on a design for our upcoming presentation. That must have been really exciting for you to have your design come to life, especially being a community project. We were interested in designing a community orchard that is in the works in our suburb, but unfortunately they needed to submit a plan earlier than we were ready to create one. Onto Plan B 🙂

    • Good luck with your PDC, where are you doing it? I am volunteering my time and helping out on a local PDC currently. It is such a fab and inspiring course isn’t it.

      • We’re travelling a bit of a way each Friday to get to our course (our town doesn’t currently run any courses but a Permaculture Group is said to be in the works so that might change shortly). We drive 1 1/2 hours from Geelong to a small town called Creswick (Victoria, Australia). We had a great day visiting the local Kindergarten and Primary School where one parent had instigated the creation of a wonderful integrated play space and edible garden (maybe a lot like your ‘Muddy Boots!). We then visited her home which is a passive solar house set on 20 acres surrounded by open pastures and rolling hills. Very beautiful, made me very jealous! So yes, the course is certainly very inspiring 🙂 How are you finding being on the other side and helping with a PDC? And how long is your Diploma going to take you to complete?

      • That sounds great, do you know the name and town where the school was? I’d love to take a look on line and see what they are up to. I am enjoying helping with the PDC. I am doing a few bits for the mornng circle and hope next year to be given the responsibility for doing a bit of teaching. Its also great to go over the course contents again, I find you learn something new every time. The diploma is a minimum of 2 years study, I think it will take me more like 4 years given the speed i am comfortable at working at.

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