My garden in May

IMG_1565Apple blossom

Harvesting. We have eaten SO much wild garlic, its been such a welcome spring green but has now flowered and set seeds, so the leaves are turning bitter. So I shall soon leave the remaining plants to die back to feed us another year. I made wild garlic and basil pesto recently, I will blog about this soon, it was very tasty. We can harvest a salad everyday now should we wish to. We have radishes, various lettuces, parsley, basil and pea-shoots. We had some onions and mangetout from the school garden this week and rhubarb from our garden.

Planting I have been busy sowing seeds, potting on and planting out. There is always something to do in the garden and we have reached that time of year where it is difficult to keep up. My list of seeds that need sowing does not seem to be getting any shorter however much time I spend in the garden.

IMG_1767 IMG_1766 IMG_1765

Thinking. The weeds seem to grow a foot each time my back is turned, especially the bindweed, I am fighting a loosing battle with this tenacious monster, but I intend to keep on fighting! I have been thinking about getting some woodchip for months, to mulch some beds, cover paths and put inside the chicken runs. I was struggling to find anyone who would give me half a van load and I was reluctant to pay for it at the garden centre. Yesterday I saw a local gardener chipping wood on the street next to mine, so asked if I could have the chippings. She seemed very glad to agree to this and so now I have a monster load of woodchip covering my driveway. I also have a fractured finger ( but that is another story) so moving it is going to be a difficult and big job. Luckily my husband has promised to help me shift it over the weekend and my neighbour wants some woodchip too, so I should be sorted.

Feeling. I am feeling full of energy and ideas for the garden. I am, as always feeling frustrated by the lack of time I have to put these ideas into practice. However the kids love being outdoors, so I am practicing the ‘little and often’ gardening technique!  When they are happily playing, I grab a moment to myself pulling a weed, watering a pot or popping some seeds in.








Weather stats Thursday 15th May 2014

Sunny and warm with a small amount of cloud. Very still, bad for hay fever.

High 18, Low 12

Sunrise 05:09  Sunset 20:54






3 thoughts on “My garden in May

  1. Yay for free wood chips! We were lucky enough to purchase a second hand mulcher the other week at a great price. Had only been used a couple of times so practically brand new. Hubby was so excited! Boys and their toys 🙂 Looking forward to your pesto recipe.

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