100 things I love about Permaculture

I have reached my 100th post on this blog, that came around quickly! I have had a tough couple of days dealing with poorly children, being stuck in the house and incessant rain. So, to celebrate my centenary and to bring a little positivity back into my life, I have decided that today’s post will list 100 things that I love about Permaculture. Here we go….

I love the feeling of ‘wow, I am not alone’ that I got when I first heard about Permaculture

I love the beauty of nature’s patterns

I love making my life more sustainable

I love how broad Permaculture is

I love reading blogs about other people’s gardens

I love mulching

I love homemade elderflower champagne and apple cider

I love picking bunches of flowers from my garden

I love hatching chicks under broody hens

I love all the old farmers at the market

I love my aunt and uncles farm in Wales

I love sitting on my deck watching the birds

I love observing the changes in my garden day by day

I love waking barefoot around the garden in the morning dew

I love Permaculture magazine

I love the beauty of a perfect rose

I love Calendula

I love plants that have multiple uses

I love companion planting

I love how beautiful, vibrant and unruly a Permaculture garden looks

I love working with, rather than against nature

I love my compost heap

I love finding frogs, toads and newts in my garden

I love checking in the hen house for eggs

I love feeding my children homegrown foods

I love Muddy Boots playgroup

I love free woodchip

I love that more and more people are starting to realise the importance of Permaculture

I love the smell of Elderflowers in my garden

I love the idea of voluntary simplicity

I love lemon balm tea, fresh from the garden made by my daughter

I love my chickens and all their useful outputs!

I love that my wedding flowers grew in the same fields we got married in

I love how quickly comfrey grows and what a useful plant it is

I love eating tiny broad beans straight from the pod

I love watching my kids attempt to catch butterflies

I love my garden so much

I love that through Permaculture I have gained the confidence to try my hand at things I never would have dreamed of doing

I love volunteering in the school garden

I love our cabin in the woods

I love searching for Permaculture video clips on You tube

I love blogging

I love morning circles

I love taking photographs of plants

I love that my career path is taking an unexpected route and I am interested to see where I end up

I love buying second hand goods

I love that Permaculture has taught me to trust in natures way

I love the hierarchy of intervention

I love the first peas of summer

I love homegrown tomatoes

I love helping out on a PDC

I love the people care side of Permaculture

I love being challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone

I love that Permaculture takes me to my ‘edges’

I love taking photographs of interesting edges I find in nature

I love walking in the woods on my own

I love how integrated into my life my diploma is becoming

I love that I will be attending the convergence later this year

I love my Permaculture notebooks

I love that Permaculture pushes me to photographically record changes in my garden

I love feeling inspired by excellent teachers

I love how supportive my Permie friends are

I love the huge pile of gardening books next to my bed

I love visiting my tutor’s small holding

I love the magical experience I had at my first PDC session

I love being pushed to look at the world in a new way

I love the positivity of Permaculture

I love the Diploma Facebook group

I love the good friends that I have made through Permaculture

I love the idea of a herb spiral

I love reading and extending my knowledge

I love the deep integrations that Permaculture brings

I love that Permaculture has taught me to slow right down and observe

I love the dream that one day we will have our own small holding

I love meeting like-minded people

I love wild garlic

I love perennial plants

I love lazy gardening

I love my apple trees

I love all the small figs on my tree ripening by the day

I love that my garden will make a huge contribution to feeding my family this summer

I love having a bonfire

I love it when people enjoy being in my garden

I love holidaying in the UK and not flying anymore

I love learning from the experts

I love working on my diploma

I love that there is a spiritual side of Permaculture

I love observing the passing of the seasons

I love teaching kids about nature and growing food

I love guilding

I love making a special salad using as many leaves as possible

I love edible flowers

I love the summer solstice

I love Permaculture stalls at festivals

I love welly boots

I love getting rid of my unnecessary belongings

I love turning people on to gardening

I love being part of such an inspiring movement

I love that there is still so much to learn

I love Permaculture



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