My garden in June


Harvesting I have been keeping track of what I harvest in my diary. I am easily reaching my goal of eating something from the garden at least three times per week. Quantities are small still, but sufficient to add to my weekly shop and save a little money. You really can’t beat the freshness, taste and crunch of homegrown produce. So far this month we have harvested; beetroot stalks and leaves, chives, onions, broad beans, basil, cucumbers, nasturtiums, oregano, lettuce, roses, mint, raspberries, corn salad, rocket, yellow and green mangetout and strawberries.

Planting I have planted out more salad crops, tomatoes, dill, aubergines, chilies and sunflowers. I have run out of room really for my crops but am still managing to squeeze in a few more pots each week into any available space.

Thinking I am writing this on the eve of the summer solstice. It’s always such an exciting night of the year. When my OH and I were younger we used to stay up all night and watch the sunset and rise. Once on our way to the Glastonbury festival we spent the Solstice night at Glastonbury Tor, napping in our car then climbing to the summit to watch the sun come up over misty Somerset fields. Good times! One year soon I’d like to camp out in the garden with the kids on Solstice, but maybe not this year, I need my sleep!

Feeling I LOVE this time of year and so am feeling pretty good. I am doing well with my healthy eating regime and finding my energy levels are improving noticeably as the days go on. There are only three weeks left of the school term, so I am trying to make the most of the remaining peace and quiet before I have all three kids at home all day everyday for 7 weeks! I am actually really looking forward to the hols and we have lots of exciting adventures planned.IMG_2152IMG_2159IMG_2163IMG_2169IMG_2165IMG_2167

The chicks are 6 weeks old now. We lost one early on, it died in the night. We think we have 2 boys and 3 girls. They are very friendly and beautiful. I will try to get some better photos and do a chicken update soon. IMG_2161

We have lots of fruit ripening, red currants, blueberries, plums, figs, apples and cherriesIMG_2164 IMG_2155 IMG_2181 IMG_2156 IMG_2170 IMG_2182

I have filled all the containers I can find with salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and chilies.IMG_2173 IMG_2174

Everywhere is green, growing, abundance! The polycultures are working well. I have lots of different crops growing close together. If any one plant gets out of hand, I cut it back and eat it, compost it or feed it to the chickens. IMG_2175 IMG_2158

The early summer flowers are beautiful; Calendula, geranium, clematis and foxglovesIMG_2179 IMG_2180 IMG_2191 IMG_2183


Weather stats Friday 20th June 2014. Warm sunshine with some patchy cloud.

High 21 Low 11

Sunrise 04:40 Sunset 21:32

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