The chicken and the egg

Our chicks are now almost eight weeks old. They have passed through the scruffy teenagers phase and are now looking like beautiful young ladies (and gents) This first photo shows all five chicks sitting together with their mummies. The two broody hens have done a fab job of shared parenting. It’s lovely to watch them calling to the chicks when the find something good to eat, the chicks come running at top speed! The babies are almost as big as their mummies now, Ethel, the grey mum is a tiny old bird and will very soon be towered over by her offspring. Despite her diminutive size, Ethel is top chicken in our flock of 12 ladies. I think this has helped ease the chicks transition into the larger flock and they are now all happily running together.

I am pretty sure that we have three hens and two cockerels, you can see the boys on picture 3 and 6 below, what do you think? The three girls are very beautiful, sandy  feathering, fluffy legs and all three have distinct differences in their colouring which will make them a lovely addition to our ever-growing flock. The boys will be given a great life with lots of time spend free-ranging. unfortunately when they start to crow, its curtains for them, unless someone out there wants to offer them a good home? They are French wheaten Marans, beautiful, calm and friendly. I do so love having chickens in my garden.

IMG_2617 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2626 IMG_2625 IMG_2633 IMG_2638 IMG_2644 IMG_2646

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