Summer bucket list

On the first day of the summer holidays we all sat down as a family and talked about what we wanted to do over the summer. These are fun things, ‘wants’ rather than ‘needs’. We compiled these into a bucket list of activities to squeeze into the 7 weeks of summer. I wonder if you can guess which family member suggested each item!

I am writing them down here for reasons of accountability! Items with a * we have already ticked off the list. There does seems to be quite a few stars, so at the midpoint of the hols we are not doing too badly. I have noticed that the kids have more *’s than the adults so maybe we need to prioritize our wants for a change!

Go swimming

Do apple bobbing *

Visit the seaside *

Take a bucket and spade to the sandpit and play *

Spend the night with Mama *

Learn how to do handstands *

Pick fruit in the garden *

To go out for the day with my husband

To sleep outside in the garden under the stars

To swim in the sea *

To visit some inspiring gardens *

To have a BBQ with friends *

To go bowling

To go to the indoor play centre

To teach gymnastics to my sister *

To have a PJ day

To spend time with my friends *

To have a day just with Mum */ Dad

To go out on a date night

To go on a family bike ride

To have a quiet day at home *

To go for a meal at our favourite restaurant

To build a bread oven in the garden


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