Twelve Principles for twelve months – August – Catch and store energy


My garden is filled with tasty Organic fruit and vegetables at the moment. I am trying to keep pace with harvesting, cooking and eating it!

I have decided that for August I will be kind to myself, honour these lazy summer days with my children and give myself simple goals. For the Permaculture Principle of ‘Catch and store energy’ I will look only at two things.

1. Catching and storing the energy produced in my garden by making jams and pickles, freezing fruits, drying tomatoes and harvesting/eating everything that I can manage to!  I have always been quite good at planning and maintaining my garden but for some reason, I often fall down on the harvesting and using of my produce. I have put a lot of effort into producing an abundant plot this year, so I am determined that nothing will go to waste. I am keeping up with my ‘what I ate from the garden today’ diary and this has been a good tool for focusing my mind on harvesting little and often.

2. My second goal is to catch and store my own energy. My life is super busy. I have three children, a husband, family nearby, friends to keep up with, my diploma to work on, Muddy Boots to run, volunteering jobs to maintain, various animals to care for, a rambling garden to tend to and a household to set the agenda for. Phew! Some weeks it feels like I am juggling far too many plates and sometimes I do come crashing to the ground. So, this month I will focus on relaxing, letting things go, having fun and getting some rest.  With that in mind my blog will probably be a little quiet this month too. I hope to keep up with my monthly garden update but not stress myself by doing a lot more. Normal service will resume in September!

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