Diploma design for Muddy Boots – Action

Make a plan for getting things done… What am I going to do and when? What resources, skills, materials, information do I need? What yields and benefits am I going to get? What is the timescale for these yields?           L. Macnamara People and Permaculture 2012IMG_4373I see this anchor point of the Design Web as the ‘Design’ bit. This is the equivalent of producing a beautifully drawn garden plan. This is where I pull together all the learning that I have gathered in so far and attempt to produce some sort of coherent plan that I can follow.

I thought it would be useful to re-clarify here why I am doing a design for the group and what I want the design to do.

The Muddy Boots Permaculture design will provide a framework for running the playgroup. It will detail the stages to go through in planning and running the sessions at both seasonal and weekly timescales. It will be adaptable for future seasons of Muddy Boots that may take place in various locations and at different timescales. 


So here it is! It needs work IT REALLY DOES NEED WORK! But the photo shows the rough outline of the design. Each stage of activity is given a title and then a series of questions to provoke thought and/or activity. Examples below.


IMG_4584Each stage is currently shown on a separate scrap of paper. The stages flow into each other, rather like different branches of a tree or paths that a river may take. I need to spend some time thinking about just how the design will be presented. It is currently very cumbersome and confusing. I was thinking maybe a webpage where you click each title and it opens up to the questions and links onwards to the next questions? However, I do not currently have the IT skills for this. So maybe a board with titles that flip-up to reveal the questions underneath? Or maybe a flow diagram that you can use at the level of ‘pattern’ or ‘detail’ dependant on the users needs?

So as I said, it needs more work but I am very pleased to have put the bare bones into place. I am meeting with Hannah Thorogood, my diploma tutor next week, so it will be good to talk it over with her and see what ideas we can come up with for presentation of this design.

I will update this Anchor point when I have made some more progress!

 UPDATE Thursday 16th october

I have thinking, writing and drawing lots for the Action anchor point over the last few weeks. I have been trying to find a way of depicting all the stage of action that is pleasing to look at, not too wordy and make sense. Below are some of my ideas. IMG_4696 IMG_4698IMG_4697IMG_4695

I am most happy with the idea below, the tree image links to both the action learning cycle and the design web. It also links to the cycle of the year, which was one of the natural patterns that I tried to follow throughout my Muddy Boots design. Each seasonal section flaps open to reveal all the activity required at each stage of the design.

I have to present this design at the final PDC session in 10 days time, it will be good to get some feedback on it then. I would also be interested to hear what you think blog readers! Please feel free to comment.


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