Diploma design for ‘Muddy Boots’ – Ideas

“What creative, adventurous, wild and wacky ideas do I have? What big, little, practical, routine ideas do I have? What seeds of ideas do I have? … we have the opportunity to let our imagination and creativity flow… a chance to give ideas time to brew, evolve adapt.” L. Macnamara. People and Permaculture 2012


I have used the image of an apple tree branch with buds just about to open, to represent the moment of anticipation when ideas are just about to erupt into a flow of creativity!

I want to spend some time researching into other outdoor playgroups for inspiration. How are they run? Who attends? What environment are they carried out in? What activities do they run? How are they funded? How do they advertise?

I have taken this opportunity to think up ideas for session themes and activities. With the previous anchor point of patterns in mind, I started with pattern and moved onto details. The patterns I chose to use to provoke thought were; EARTH, AIR, WATER, FIRE then PLANTS, ANIMALS, BIRDS, INSECTS. I would like to go on to look at TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL, SOUND and VISION


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