The Botanical gardens – Leicester

We love to visit the Botanical gardens a few miles from our home. It is a beautiful garden with university buildings, a cafe, open spaces for the children to run around it, a large pond and a sculpture park. The double boarders are full of herbaceous perennials and look stunning in the summer months. I suspect there is a bee hive or two somewhere near by as the flowers are always covered in bees on sunny days.

long boarder botdouble boarder botdhalia bee dhaliabee2 dhalia botblackeyed susans bees bot bee2c bubbles2dhalia bot


In the summer there are millions of bees and wasps. I think they like the bright flowers. There are lots of sculptures there on the grass. My Daddy did a sculpture project there once making things out of wood. There is a pond with fish in it.  Miss E Age 8

I like running down paths and blowing bubbles. I do like the pretty flowers. Miss C age 4


4 thoughts on “The Botanical gardens – Leicester

  1. I like the pretty flowers also. And the pretty pics!

    Maybe worth a winter time visit, i know of a certain Hamamelis mollis who may be looking a tad special.


  2. Ha! I didn’t know about these either. Back in Leics in February so will have to have a look. Thinking returning there more permanently. Is there much in the way of an established permaculture community there?

    • Hello there, great to hear from you. I help run a PDC course in Leicester, there is a core of about 20 people that I know of who have done the PDC and/or are doing the diploma. Transition Leicester is pretty active too. So lots of small Permie bits and pieces going on but it still feels like quite a small but growing community- more people involved would be great! Where do you live? Are you from Leics originally?

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