My garden 2015

You may remember this photographic post that I did last new year’s day.

My garden 2014 Here this this years version.

From the deck looking south down the garden

IMG_5032Winter solstice 2014 Dec 21st

IMG_5507Imbolc Feb 2nd

IMG_5801Spring equinox March 20th

IMG_6212Beltane May 1st

IMG_7067Summer solstice June 21st

Lammas Aug 2nd (Missed as away on holiday)

IMG_9020Autumn equinox Sept 23rd

IMG_9731Samhain Oct 31stIMG_0408Winter solstice Dec 22nd

The main food growing areaIMG_5182IMG_7073IMG_9018IMG_9733IMG_0409

The view up the garden to the house looking northIMG_5186IMG_5822IMG_6228IMG_7082IMG_9001IMG_9735IMG_0414



6 thoughts on “My garden 2015

      • Oh I’m sorry to hear of your loss. It’s hard when they go. We’ve experienced that too in 2015 with a guinea pig passing (old age), and a baby bunny that we only brought home in December (probably a virus). It’s good to hear that your bunny has some chicken companions 🙂

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