Using Permaculture in my Forest School leader training

In late 2014 I decided the time had come to do my Level 3 Forest School leader training and add Forest school activity to my Muddy Boots business. This training would allow me to set up my own Forest school. I undertook training in early 2015 and wrote in numerous blog posts including here.

I used Permaculture in a variety of ways throughout my training and wondered if I could somehow link my training and my Permaculture diploma. I never did write up a full design for my FS training, but I have included a few mini designs here to show how interlinked my thinking had become.

IMG_8140I brainstormed how I could use my permaculture design skills to help me in different areas of my Forest school training.

IMG_8139 (1)I used the action- learning cycle to help plan a route through my training course.

IMG_8132I used Looby’s Design web to help plan a Forest School taster event that I ran in local woodland. Providing this event for free for the borough council was a first step in obtaining long-term regular use of council woodland where I currently run my Forest school activity.


IMG_8134I used the action learning cycle again to plan a programme of six practical sessions that I needed to run as part pf my training course.

IMG_8143I applied permaculture thinking and PNI analysis to consideration of finding a woodland site in which to run my six practical sessions.

IMG_8142I considered patterns, flow and rhythm in my session planning.

IMG_8144I used planning for real techniques in my termly session planning


The training course was lots of fun but hard work. I ran my six sessions for the course in the autumn of 2015 and was granted permission to run another block of six sessions in the council woodland. Its all been a great success, the council are very supportive and have allowed me to continue and I’ve been working there 2 or 3 days a week ever since.

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