Mother phase – days 14-21

Design tools that are playful, fun, collaborative and social.

In these weeks of my cycle I focussed on the following design tools, client interviews, boundaries and resources and random assembly

I actually found it really difficult to work on this design in this stage of my cycle. At this point I wanted to be out there in the world making things happen and being active. As most design tools are about planning and reflecting, I found they didn’t suit me well in this stage. So not a lot of planning happened in this stage but lots of action occurred, I followed up on my plans, visited sites, talked to people and put ideas into action.


This whole design was one big client interview. It seeks to identify and clarify what I want from my career and how I can get it. With this in mind I looked at my boundaries and resources in terms of; time, money, skills and my wishes.


I’d previously thought about other careerĀ options for me to add to my working week. I decided to use the permaculture design tool of ‘random assembly’ to play around with possible ideas for what I could type of work I could add to my career. I picked my top 12 ‘other job’ ideas and pitted them each against a permaculture principle at random. I’d written the 12 work ideas and 12 principles onto sticky notes, paired them up randomly and reflected upon the connections that the pairings suggested to me.




This activity was fun and quick to do. It worked relatively well and quickly helped me to disregard some possible job choices, I don’t really want to go back to child-minding, waitressing or shop work. Although these jobs would likely be able to fit in well with my other commitments and be low-stress, they’d also be low pay and without the career advancing opportunities that I am seeking.

I decided I really wanted to utilise my existing skills in arts teaching and workshop/event leading. I’d love to gain further qualification at some point, however my current focus is on Muddy Boots, so really what I am seeking is a job option that fits with this and enhances my transferable skill set. So these activities clarified for me that I am probably looking at taking on a short-term event management job, or an arts teaching role.


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