Maiden phase – days 7-13

Design tools that are active, physical and creative

The PLAN stage of my design comes in on days 7-13 of my cycle. This is the point in the month where I have lots of energy, drive and enthusiasm. It’s a great time for putting plans into action, engaging in physical work and being actively creative.

Permaculture tools that suit this stage include; input/output analysis, wild design, zone and sectors, paste, designing and putting ideas into action.



I did some wild designing. I find this really hard and most of my ideas are very much based in reality? I’m not sure how ‘Wild’ they really are? I guess most ideas are achievable over time. This shows me that I’ve created the right career for myself! I’m not yearning for something else entirely, so this puts me into a really privileged position actually.


I looked briefly at zones, both in terms of where I worked and how frequently I held activity. I struggled to get my head around this tool for this purpose, but it did lead me to consider what I’d like to shift around the zones. Ie what I’d like to more of and what i’d like to do less of and how that could possibly be achieved. This fed into the table at the bottom of this blog post.


I looked at spirals of erosion that were at work in my life currently.


I looked at spirals of abundance that were happening for me.


I considered how I could intervene in my spirals of erosion to create positive change. I’ve added these thoughts into my less of/more table at the bottom of this page and will use these in my future planning.


I looked at my business needs (inputs) and yields, both positive and negative (outputs)


I looked more specifially at some of my business inputs and outputs; time, money, energy, space, creativity and kit.


I thought about the needs that my business fulfils for me


I thought about my needs that my business does not currently fulfil for me


I considered possible solutions that would help me with my unfulfilled needs

The tools that I’ve used in this stage clarified for me that I needed to maximise what worked and what I enjoyed and minimise what I didn’t.  Running my own business gives me the autonomy to do this, which is a really valuable point that I needed to exploit. I did some further thinking around this as detailed in the photos above and came up with various possible solutions.




Spend more time outdoors in the woods and on the allotment. Run more sessions

Arrive early for a leisurely set up and breakfast alone outdoors

Stay late and enjoy the outdoors after each session.

Work with women Run more retreat days

Mother and daughter days

Set up a red tent or moon circle group

Forging and cooking in the woodland Make this a regular part of my sessions

Set up foraging and feasting days

Do specific campfire cooking skills days

Attend some further training in these areas

Make my final Permaculture design on this subject?

Make more of the season celebrations in my work Read more about Pagan festivals

Schedule in sessions marking the major festivals

Start using the moon phases in my work

Natural crafting Attend more day courses and learn new skills to pass on

Have a natural craft at every session for people to do

Lead some adult crafting sessions




Chasing payments Set up a PayPal option on the website to take payments?

Pay for an online booking system?

Time in front of the computer and admin time Set up effective admin systems in Jan and fib so that admin and computer time is minimized once sessions start running.

Consider paying someone to help me with admin? Maybe as a one-off to help me find more efficient systems or on going as an admin worker.

Kit moving and managing Minimise the kit I take to each session

Always run double sessions so that each day I work is a full day and I am only setting up once for two sessions.

Time spent on marketing Have longer blocks that people book for

Give a financial incentive for booking multiple blocks in one go so that marketing and admin time is minimised.

Consider what marketing is more effective and only do those.

Take some marketing advise

Pay someone to help me set up a marketing strategy

Do I need more marketing? Can I fill all my sessions anyway from my mailing list and great word of mouth?


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