For this design I shall be following my own design process as explained in my previous post here 

The Reflect stage is made up of three activities; DEFINE, OBSERVE and RESEARCH.

One of my aims for this design was to use a quick and efficient design process with a view to really getting down to the heart of how to approach a Permaculture design in real life. I want to continue using permaculture after I complete my diploma, and feel that the best way to ensure that happens is by developing a design process what works well for me.


Define – Define the problem or issue what you are working with. What outcomes or goals are you aiming for?

Observe – List any initial observations of the problem or issues that may be useful. Consider what observations may be useful to you in the designing process. Observe your boundaries and resources.

Research – Do some initial research around your problem or issue that helps to increase your knowledge of the area and may bring to light potential ideas for solutions.


DEFINE – This design aims to research and explore the use of wild and herbal remedies to support a specific health issue, the prevention and care of the common cold.

  • I will find make some effective home remedies to support my family’s health.
  • I will design how to add the herbs for my chosen remedies into my home garden.
  • I will find out where I can collect ingredients locally from the wild


  • I have been observing myself and my family getting colds forever and very consciously over the last year or so.
  • I have observed a few plants that grow wild locally that I feel could help me in this design.
  • I have carried out sustained observations of my own garden, the zones and sectors, what grows well etc, over the last 10 years.
  • I thought it would be useful to observe and record any colds that occur in my family while I am involved in this design and note any remedies tried and the outcomes of that experimentation.
  • I observed my boundaries and resources in the form of a brainstorm


RESEARCH  – A big desired outcome for this design is the research element.  I really wanted to use this design to educate myself in practical ways that can help my family.

In order to support my research, I have signed up to do a ‘Wild food mentor’ online course. I’ve been following this since late summer 2017 and working through the syllabus season by season Eat weeds academy

I have signed up for a ‘spring into health’ online course coming in March 2018 to learn more about holistic health and specifically the usage of essential oils to keep the body healthy and as a preventative measure. This is being led in part by the health coach that i’ve used before Rochelle Hubbard.


I have signed up for a free Online Workshop with Herbalist Holly Bellebuono to learn about crafting herbal remedies.

I have done lots of online research and read loads of books around the subject, there is so much information out there its rather overwhelming. Here are some of the books that I’ve gathered on the subject and dipped into for inspiration.


img_8924.jpg    img_8925.jpg    img_8926.jpg

img_8927.jpg .  img_8928.jpg .  img_8929.jpg

img_8930.jpg .  img_8931.jpg




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