Diploma day!

On Saturday I ran an accreditation event and received my diploma in applied permaculture design. Over sixty people attended, bringing together my friends, family, Muddy Boots attendees and invited guests from local permaculture networks. My tutor Hannah Thorogood came too and awarded me the diploma. It was lovely to show people my forest school site and and talk a little about what I’ve been working on over the last five years.

I did a 45 minute talk and then ran forest school type activities. We also shared a meal and cooked over a campfire. Talking for 45 minutes about myself and my work did push me to the edges of my comfort zone, but that is where the best learning happens and I actually ended up really enjoying doing it. Talking outside is far for comfortable for me than if we’d have to be inside in a church hall.

Despite strong winds and the threat of rain, we had a fantastic day outdoors. The bell tent was up and lots of tarp shelters as well as all the forest school favourite activities. Its was a fab day and well received by all.

It’s been a long journey to get here and now i’m going to take the chance to ‘pause’, reflect, rest and consider my next steps.


Doing my presentation in the woods


Some of my guests around the campfire


With my peer review panel