4. My health and wellbeing

This design focussed inwards on my own health and wellbeing. It looked at ways of using permaculture tools to help to improving my nutrition, exercise, physical and mental health. I Used SLADIMET (I added the L for Learn) Design started in 2014 and a tweaked version is currently in use (2017) IMG_5620






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Design summary and reflections

DESIGN My health and wellbeing







In my blog I wrote the following to introduce this design.

I wanted to do a design… that was about me and improving my life. I have learnt that in order to head out and make positive change in world, you first need to have your own life well-managed and running smoothly.

So this design eventually focussed on four areas of my life that I wanted to improve; learning about nutrition and develop meal planning tools, creating tools to help me schedule exercise into my life, allowing time for self care.

WHAT DID I LEARN ABOUT PERMACULUTRE FROM DOING THIS DESIGN? ·      I used SADIMET but added a L to make SLADIMET, as Learning new things was an important part of the process for me.

·      I went a little further on my journey of figuring out how to use permaculture for non-land based designs.

WHAT DID I LEARN ABOUT MYSELF FROM DOING THIS DESIGN? ·      That I am capable of far more physically than I’d thought possible. I ran races up hills, swam across lakes, rediscovered yoga and literally jumped over fire!

·      I learnt that its OK, actually no, I learnt that its vital to spend time nurturing your own self and following your own interests.

·      I learnt that having tool in place can help take the procrastination out of life, remove the barriars of easy excuses that self-sabotage and help you to make healthy decisions.

HOW HAS THIS DESIGN HELPED ME? My health improved, my knowledge of nutrition improved, I met lots of new people who help me with this path to health. I now run, go to the gym and do yoga weekly. We eat mainly organic whole health giving foods; I am learning to prioritise self-care. I feel more accepting about my changing body as I get older and more empowered as a woman.
WHAT WENT WELL WITH THIS DESIGN? ·      It gave me permission and time to devote to myself and the healthy paths that I wanted to take.

·      I created some useful tools to use on a weekly basis to keep me on the right track

WHAT DID I FIND DIFFICULT WITH THIS DESIGN? As always, however much I love the tools I’ve created, remembering to use them on a regular basis is a challenge. The huge blackboard painted onto my kitchen wall helps with this, its impossible to ignore!


This design is always evolving as my life changes, as free time ebbs and flows and my focus shifts. I am ok with that. The design led me to lots of new learning and lots of new people, all of which help to surround me with positive influences. I rediscovered a love of exercise and a positive mind-set around my body. Next steps for 2017 are to go back to using the blackboards on a weekly basis without fail, to get back to yoga and the gym and to bring meditation into my life. Healthy eating is fully engrained into our lives now thanks to this design and design 6 (South Leicester food group)
WHAT ARE MY LONG TERM GOALS AND VISIONS FOR THIS DESIGN? Having this design in progress gave me permission to spend time on myself, which is something that can totally disappear once you become a mother. This design has led me onto making new discoveries about areas I’d like to explore further in the future, our cyclic nature as women, earth based spirituality, using essential oils and growing herbs for good health.