A posy from my garden – Rainbow

We found a rainbow in our garden today. Like all good rainbows, it didn’t stay around for long, but it was beautiful while it lasted. IMG_2668

A posy from my garden


Sweetpeas are one of my favourite flowers, mainly for their scent and the abundance of blooms. I have learnt to keep on picking and not let even one flower set seed until I want it to. That way the plant keeps on producing buds in its quest to reproduce!

I like to pick a bunch every couple of days during late June and July. Last year we had so many sweetpeas flowers in all shades from white through to pink and on to deepest purple. I saved the seeds and sowed them in spring. Its looking like another good sweetpea year!

A posy from my garden

IMG_2093My mum is suffering with a bad back at the moment. I picked her these flowers today to say get well soon. Roses, peonies and pink flowers that I don’t know the name of, can anyone enlighten me?

A posy from my garden


Today’s posy is as easy as it gets, using just two flowers, Roses and Geraniums. I did pick lots of other flowers and foliage to include in this arrangement, but after playing around for a while, I decided that I actually like the simplicity of just two flowers best of all.

A posy from my garden

IMG_1292The Permaculture principle that I am l planning on looking at in May is ‘Obtain a yield’ To fulfil this, I hope to be eating something from my garden 3-4 times a week and cutting a posy for my house or to give away every week. The garden is looking lovely, with lots of interesting plants coming up, so I thought I would get a head start on my May challenge and cut a pretty posy today. I hope to make this a regular post throughout this spring and summer.

Today’s posy includes; fennel, plum blossom, clematis, rosemary, jasmine and bluebells.