Twelve Principles for twelve months – October – Apply self regulation and accept feedback


I intend to use ‘Apply self regulation and accept feedback’ in the following ways;

1. Go back to the ‘Food from my garden’ design. Check in with the goals I set myself and review progress. Accept feedback from my garden about what grew well and what didn’t and which goals were met and which were not and why. Use this learning to make tweaks to my planting plan for 2015.

2. I have a design support tutorial booked with my tutor Hannah Thorogood in early October. At this I will receive feedback on my Muddy Boots design work (assuming I can get the reminder of it written up in time) I also hope to talk to Hannah about my new design ‘The Wolf Run challenge’

3. My final Muddy Boots session is on October 31st. I will be requesting feedback from participants to review how this season has worked and to help me with making changes to the design for 2015. I am hoping to turn MB into a small business, so I want to compile lots of info about how far people would be willing to travel, how much they would pay, how often they would like to meet etc.

4. I have just had a fabulous day attending a ‘Forest gardens for forest schools practitioners’ workshop led by a friend from my PDC Sarah Spencer (post about this to come asap) My role was multifaceted. As well as being a participant, I also scribed for Sarah, documented the day photographically and provided feedback on each session she ran. Sarah is using the workshop as one of her diploma design, so my feedback was important in helping her to reflect upon the day and make tweaks.

5. The PDC I have been volunteering at in Leicester comes to an end this month. The final session sees all participants and helpers present for five minutes about a design they have been working on. I am going to present too, either my Muddy Boots design or ‘The wolf run challenge’ (more about this coming soon) This will give me the opportunity to both receive feedback from the group about my own design and provide feedback on the designs of others.

My garden design – Design process part 5

Two weeks ago I had a design support tutorial with my tutor Hannah Thorogood. This spurred me on with writing up the design and was a great way of accepting and sharing feedback. We worked through an assessment sheet, looking at areas requiring work and discussing helpful suggestions for the next time I work on a design. I left feeling pleased with what I had achieved and with a clear plan of the stages I needed to complete. I have shared my design on this blog and via Facebook, so would be happy to receive feedback from anyone who feels they would like to offer me some!

Now that I have completed the ‘Design’ stage of the action learning cycle, I move onto the ‘Do’ stage.  So I have been busy developing an implementation plan. I have actually already began stages of the design. I have been considering this design since I completed my PDC in 2012, so I have been making changes in my garden with the design in mind.


WORK COMPLETED TO DATE                                                                                    Spring 2013 – Raised beds created to provide additional growing spaces.                      Fruit trees planted and additional soft fruit bushes added.

Autumn 2013 – Garden observations began to be recorded as monthly blog updates. Raised bed edges fixed and increased in height. Raised beds mulched for over the winter with chicken bedding, cardboard, chop and drop and compost heaps.

January 2014 – Sectional chicken run created and old chicken run area reclaimed to be   key hole bed.

February 2014 – More fruit trees planted

March 2014 – Fence panels mended and water capture and storage system created from the chicken shed roof.

WORK PLANNEDIMG_0954I have drawn up a basic implementation plan using tasks on post-it-notes. This allows me to shift the jobs around on the planner to create an adaptable plan that is flexible. I will probably also do a more detailed plan focusing more on the plants and when things need sowing, potting on, planting out etc.

I just wanted to finish by sharing my daughter’s garden design. She presented it to me and asked me to put it on my blog! She has been inspired to create her own Permaculture design for the garden. I think it looks great, I am a proud mum. IMG_0955