Buried treasure

photo 3

We have never had much luck growing carrots. Our slightly clay-ish soil does not suit carrots well and the few poor examples that do grow, tend to be misshapen due to all the stones getting in their way. Carrots are pretty cheap in the shops, so why bother growing your own? Well, eldest daughter E was given a packet of ‘Rainbow variety carrots’ by her auntie, so she was keen to give them a try.

To try to overcome our previous carrot difficulties, we had the brain wave of growing carrots in pots! That way they can be raised up enough to avoid the dreaded carrot fly and we can control the soil that they are grown in. So we mixed sand with soil and compost and placed the pot slightly set into one of the garden raised beds.

We sowed the seeds in the spring, watered them and forgot about them. The pot hid in a neglected corner alll summer, all autumn, past Halloween, fireworks night and the first frosts. Until today when we finally spotted it and tipped it out.

Buried treasure! Real carrots, big, straight and multi-coloured! They were tasty, we plan to grow loads more in this way next year. photo 2