Muddy Boots garden re-design. March Progress

IMG_1352.JPGI have drawn out my final-ish design. I will be making a few changes as I go along but this is generally what I am aiming for the be in place before my pre-school stay and play sessions begin in mid April.

IMG_1332The Mud kitchen has been in a few positions and I think I am most happy with it here. In the foreground of the photo you can see the sandpit. I have recycled the wood from the existing sandpit and dug out as much sand as possible and reused this too. I’ve made the sandpit smaller, as I could never afford to fill the old pit, so this one is half the size but easier to access from all sides and away from the fence.



My eldest daughter and I made a willow structure out of living willow that will hopefully take root and fill out to become a lovely shady den. We used willow withies from a large willow tree between our and out neighbours garden’s. This tree fell down in the storms last winter and we cut it right back hoping it would shoot so we could use the wood for craft projects. It was perfect for this.

I hope to get up to the allotment later this week to do a few more bits. I’ve been busy making a website for my business I really feel like it’s all starting to take shape now and I am fully booked for the Allotment playgroup spring term! This bodes well for the whole year as people tend to renew their bookings for Summer and Autumn too. I also have a waiting list! I will post again once the site is finished or maybe after the first session.