My garden in August


Harvesting Since my last garden update post in mid July we have been away from home a lot. We have spent some time at our cabin in the woods and have been on a camping holiday to Cornwall. So this blog space and our garden have been rather neglected I am afraid. The garden has however been getting on pretty well without us. It has produced; runner beans, plums, tomatoes, chilis, figs, cucumbers, courgettes, parsley, celery and purple climbing beans. The fig tree in particular has been fantastic this season. We dug it up and brought it with us when we moved here six years ago, it must be about 10 years old now and is really hitting its stride! Its only six-foot tall but has produced around 40 figs so far with loads more to come.

Planting I have pulled up some of my tomato plants now. They were a mixed bunch this year, with some performing brilliantly and others never really getting going. I have taken out anything that hadn’t yet produced much fruit as well as a few that had exhausted themselves already. The outdoor toms did better than those in the greenhouse, probably due to water I should think and we seem to have avoided blight so far. The plants in the raised beds are still doing well, so I have left them to see if many more toms ripen before the weather cools down too much.

Thinking I am planning on planting some winter lettuces and pak choi in the place of the tomatoes in the green house. I’d also like to crack on with my autumn/winter garden over the next few weeks. I will have more time available for this once the girls return to school. September always feels like a fresh start, a new school term is a good time to begin a new regime at home too I always find. So I have began making a meal plan every sunday night. My aim is to do another one of my Permaculture Diploma design around healthy lifestyles, I am taking an online health and nutrition course currently and thinking carefully about what my family eats.

Feeling I am holding on tightly to the last weeks of summer. I do love the autumn but am always very sad too to let summer go. The last few weeks have turned colder with a slight autumnal nip in the air occasionally, this fills me with an equal dread and excitement! We are packing in the park visits, garden visits, BBQ’s and parties outdoors while we can. I am not quite ready to pack away my sunglasses and hunt out the woolens just yet.











We had a party last weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We shared the party with our next door neighbours. We took up some fence panels and enlarged the child-sized gate that connects our two gardens. We had a fantastic day, with around 100 friends and family coming and going all day from 3pm – 2am! We made extra seating out of tree trunks, made a firepit for an evening bonfire and our talented musician friends entertained us in the wee hours with firelit acoustic music. It was such a wonderful day. I just wish I had taken more photographs! Here are some from the set up.




IMG_3924You just can’t beat a glitter ball in the trees!

Weather stats

Friday 29th August 2014. breezy with isolated showers and sunny spells.

High 18, Low 13

Sunrise 06:09  Sunset 20:00