Plant Love – Poppy

I think I have realised why Poppies are called Poppies. One day they are a mass of tightly closed buds, the next they literally “POP” open and reveal their vibrant flowers. The self-set flowers in my garden started popping open today and their scarlet, yellow and black centres looked just stunning in the morning sun. There are loads more buds to open so the garden should be dotted with red flashes for weeks to come. I love the dried poppy heads too, both in the garden and in a vase in the house. A good value plant!


IMG_2258 IMG_2256 IMG_2257 IMG_2260 IMG_2283


Plant Love – Bluebell woods

We are so lucky to have use of a little wooden cabin in a bluebell woods close to where we live. We spent a few days there recently and had a blissful day to myself. Totally alone, no kids, no husband, no phone, no computer, no car – wonderful!

I took a long walk through the woods and was wowed by the bluebells in all their glory. Every year I am amazed at how fabulous they are. The wood was a carpet of blue (with a few white and pink ‘blue’ bells thrown in for good measure too)

I hope you enjoy the pictures I took.

IMG_1479IMG_1533 IMG_1531 IMG_1528 IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1525 IMG_1522 IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1499 IMG_1491 IMG_1487

Plant Love – Tulips

I love Tulips in all their bold, colourful glory. There are a welcome flash of brightness in a garden just emerging from its grey and brown winter hibernation. A tulip in the garden or in a jug on the mantlepiece is a hopeful sight and always cheers me up. My husband brings me tulips on days of celebration.  My kids brought me a chicken named Tulip for Mother’s day.  Tulips are like a pretty new dress; pointless, frivolous, gaudy but fun and essential!

IMG_1383IMG_1301 IMG_1300IMG_1386IMG_1388 IMG_1303IMG_1381  IMG_1384

Plant love – Magnolia

In my Mum’s front garden there is a beautiful old magnolia tree. I spent many hours of my childhood climbing up it, swinging from its limbs and picking the flower petals to make perfume. It is blooming today and looks fabulous. I feel that magnolia trees have a fatal flaw, they flower just a little bit too early. They’re often caught by late frosts, making the petals turn brown and fall off. My fingers are crossed that the weather this year stays mild and we get to enjoy the annual spectacle of these trees in full bloom for a little while longer.

My HipstaPrint 965495025

Plant Love – Hamamelis mollis

I love this plant, it is a real late winter gem. It seems to glow from within with the low February sun shining through it. I spotted this beauty on a visit to a local botanical gardens yesterday (more about this in my next post) I also love its name, Hamamelis mollis, try saying that out loud, it is almost as beautiful as the plant itself. Happy Valentines Day xIMG_0597   IMG_0592 IMG_0589 IMG_0580 IMG_0583IMG_0594