The Permaculture Convergence

Two weeks ago I spent a fun weekend at Gilwell Park, just outside the City of London, at the Permaculture Convergence. The days were packed full of workshops, diploma accreditations, talks, walks and activities. The highlight of the weekend for me was a visit to Organic Lea, a food growing co-operative based 1 mile away from the convergence. We waked there through the woods taking in amazing views of London shimmering on the horizon. Organic Lea supplied all the food for the weekend, it was delicious, local organic and seasonal. I left the convergence exhausted but inspired and keen to crack on with my diploma. Here are 10 photos of my favourite from the weekend. IMG_4218 IMG_4221 IMG_4225IMG_4224 IMG_4228 IMG_4230 IMG_4232 IMG_4235 IMG_4239 IMG_4242

The Gilwell Oak

Jan Martin and Looby Macnamara at Jan’s accreditation event

Joe and little S enjoying the food

Lunch on the lawn

Home for the weekend

Tractors and face paints

Emerging out of the forest

Landmarks of the London skyline in the distance

Organic Lea’s crops, planted to follow contour lines

Organic Lea’s site map